1. Why has the pricing changed?

We’re always reviewing our offering according to customer feedback so we’ve introduced new plans to reduce the step up from one plan to the next. This should better serve you when you need to upgrade for a busier month or downgrade for the quieter ones. By popular demand, all paid plans (excluding Lite), now include a Magic Envelope and there is no limit on sending us your own envelopes. Additionally, Australia Post’s price increase earlier this year has made it impossible for us to continue operating at the old prices. 

  1. How do I get my documents returned?

Documents are no longer returned by default.  For an extra $11 a month (flat fee), you can turn on document return by going to your settings and under "My mail-in settings", ticking the box that says, "I want my envelopes returned to my postal address".

  1. What are the new limits on Magic Envelopes?

For XS, S, M and Classic plans (monthly and annual), we can receive 1 Magic Envelope a month.  For L and Business plans, we'll receive 3.  XL and Executive plans include 5 Magic Envelopes per month.  Any additional Magic Envelopes we receive incur a cost of $5.50 each.  (Remember that you can send in an unlimited number of your own envelopes for any plan).  Only received Magic Envelopes are counted; the envelopes we send to you do not.

  1. I’m on the old pricing plans and I don’t want to change, what can I do?

All old plans will be grandfathered, meaning that if you do not want to change plans then you can remain on the old plans.   This does not necessarily apply to brand new accounts, however.

  1. Will you still have forever free DIY accounts?

Yes, our forever free accounts will remain as they have been.

  1. Do you still have free 30 day trials?

Yup, we do, for all monthly plans.

  1. Have excess document charges changed with the new pricing?

We’ve simplified how we charge overage so that it’s easier for you to project potential charges. Overage is now $0.60/document across all new plans.

  1. Can I send documents in using my own envelopes?

            Yes, you can send in as many of your own envelopes with cover-sheets regardless of the plan you’re on.