We're very excited about our new User Interface BETA, and have created this guide to outline the major changes to the layout and workflow.

Purpose of the new UI

We wanted to improve Squirrel Street's overall interface, to make it all unified and feel more streamlined and user friendly.

In the BETA release, we have improved everything, from the way you submit via the web uploader, to the look and feel of the receipts/reports sections, to finding your data and exporting it. It has all been given a facelift and we think you will love it!

New and Improved Processes

Now you can see your monthly usage stats at a glance! Immediately know your credits for the month, how many you have submitted and an estimated total document value. It's a super fast way to gain a snapshot of your expenses for the month!

The document flow has also changed, from submission to inbox, to “pending receipt”/export to archive. We have unified it all and made it more seamless as you move through the system.

For those who want to learn about how to use the new UI on a "needs to know", ready reference basis, here's our quick guide.

1) Submission of documents is identical to how it was before, except that our web uploader has moved!  Click here for instructions

2) For important functions in the Receipts page, scroll down this page to the heading "Receipts and Documents"

3) For an overview on exporting to accounting software, click [here]

4) To export to PDF/CSV, click here

5) For other integrations, click [here]

BETA and Feedback

Because the new UI has just been released, we are still working on improvements to be released, sorting out any bugs and making other necessary tweaks. We hope you will enjoy joining this journey with us, and let us know if you have any thoughts and feedback on the new UI, or spot anything 'not quite right'. You can do so by sending us an email, with as much info as possible (screenshots are great) to help@squirrelstreet.com. Or give us as call on 1300 001 333.

Look and Feel, and Layout

The Dashboard is now a metrics page full of stats from your current monthly usage.

Managing Your Accounts

Now with greater ease, you can do these anywhere in the Squirrel Street application:

- You can upload a document anywhere within the Squirrel Street application, click on 'Submit'

- You can view your receipts from anywhere within the application, click on 'My Documents'

- You can access your Settings/Envelopes/Categories anywhere at a click

- You can switch between multiple Squirrel Street accounts at a click

Your Settings section also received a make-over, giving you a lot more control at a glance.

There's a notifications 'Bell', and you can switch between multiple accounts with a click.

Receipts and Documents

We've given our Receipts Inbox a major facelift. It now works like an Inbox, but with everything you need at a click!

The Search Filter is now hidden, so it won't block your view of the receipts. Simply click on 'Filter' to bring up the search feature and find what you're looking for.

To edit a Receipt, simply click on the line entry and the image will appear in the box area on the right, and the edit fields on the left. This will allow you to focus in on the receipt, and the new display will be docked on the right side. To close out of the receipt, simply click 'cancel' or 'save'.

Both the display window and edit fields window can be moved around. Undock the display window by clicking on the arrow button:

The columns are adjustable, so you can toggle the width of the columns as well as choose which filters to display via 'Edit columns'. 

Note there are new columns which can be toggled: Currency, Invoice #, uploaded at.


This now lists under 'Settings":

Our Reports page now gives you the ability to generate a new report, and view existing reports within the same area.

Manage Your Envelopes & Categories

Get to your Envelope list quickly via the Settings toggle.

Get to your Categories and Vendors listing quickly via the Settings toggle

We've made the Categories list much simpler to use. You can quickly add a Vendor/Supplier to a Category or remove them.

Simply click on the category:

The settings for that category will then pop out in a window to allow changes:

Settings Page

Our Settings Page have also received a few major changes.

Aside from the look and feel of the design, we have centralised all settings here. 

You can update your account details, your user information and manage your integrations all in the one area.