Receipts and Documents

We've given our Receipts/Other Documents section a major facelift. It now works like an Inbox that includes both your Receipts and Other Documents, but with everything you need at a click, and within the same frame!  We now call the page "View and Export".

The Filter Menu is now hidden so it won't block your view of the documents. Simply click on 'Filter' to bring up the menu and find what you're looking for.

To edit any document, simply click on the line entry and the image will appear in the box area on the right. This will allow you to focus in on the document.  To close out of it, simply click 'cancel' or 'save'.

The display window can also be undocked by clicking on the Undock/dock button:

Once undocked, you can move the window anywhere on the screen.

The list is adjustable.  You can choose which columns to display via 'Edit columns'. 


- Downloading to CSV/PDF

Please note that the Export button now refers exclusively to accounting software exports.  To download CSV or PDF reports, this is available by selecting your receipts and then clicking on the "hamburger menu" that then appears to the top of the list of documents.

- Exporting to accounting software

For those intending to export documents to software like Xero, MYOB or QBO etc, the process should be much more streamlined!  Once you've integrated with the software, click on the "Edit GL codes button and select the code for each document in the dropdown menus that appear to the right.

Once categorised, you can create rules at the click of a button!