So, your documents have been processed and are now in your Squirrel Street account. What’s next? Time to action your documents!


Go to the View and Export button to view your receipts and other documents.  View the Other Documents first by filtering for them.

Action and Write Notes on the documents as required 

Once you've read, noted and actioned the other documents, you can now deal with receipts.  

Viewing and verifying your Receipts

Use the sort functions in the Receipts list to verify their details.  You can do this by clicking on the headers (e.g. "Vendor/Name", "Date" etc).  Depending on how many times you click, this will sort the receipts in ascending or descending order of the value you've clicked.

- Sort by Date on Receipt - look at the top and bottom of the list for any dates that are either 1/1/2000 (meaning we could not identify the date on the document) or otherwise look strange. Correct these errors if necessary.

- Sort by Total - Make sure small and large totals are correct, and merge or delete any duplicates found.

- Sort by Vendor - Edit Vendor name if necessary.


FIND your documents

There are two ways to quickly find a particular receipt you are looking for by using the Sort and Filter Tools and using the Keyword Search.

Sort and Filter Tools

The Sort and Filter tools are located on the right side of the page inside the Receipts, Business Cards and Other Documents pages.

Keyword Search

The Keyword Search function is accessible by typing into the Search Everything bar in the top right corner of your account. This tool searches the text that was extracted from your documents by our advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. It also searches the fields that we manually enter from your documents. This can be extremely helpful for finding receipts by keywords that you know were printed on the receipt, such as Target or milk.


Helpful Tips:

  • Write the whole keyword when doing a keyword search

  • Use quotes when doing a keyword search with more than one word