Note: the instructions in this FAQ apply to the Digit user interface only.

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Read and action this step only if you intend to export your documents to accounting software.

Here is how accounting software integration works in a snapshot:

Accounting software integration consists of the following steps:

1) Login to Squirrel Street and goto to View and export.  

2) To begin the process of integration, click on "Link your accounting software"

Here's what the Integrations page looks like if you have no integrations:

3) If the connection you want doesn't exist, select the correct Squirrel Street account and the appropriate accounting software from the two drop down menus and click on "Add integration".

4) Follow the setup prompts carefully (you'll need to provide your password for your accounting software package), and choose the appropriate posting method. If you're integrating with MYOB AccountRight Live please click here for additional instructions and information.  See this help note for more information on export settings/posting methods available for the different accounting software packages.  (You can edit these settings later on if necessary.)

5) Once the connection is successful, Squirrel Street will import your most current Chart of Accounts (this is automatic and may take a while depending on the size.  It will refresh upon each export attempt).  

6) Coding your receipts: (you'll need to have receipts in your account to progress further)  Go back to View and Export, and categorise the receipts available.  You can do this by clicking on the Edit GL codes button...

...and selecting GL codes for each receipt by selecting from the drop down corresponding to that receipt.

The drop downs contain your Chart of Accounts! 

7) You can select any already-coded receipts and try exporting them, to test the connection.

Or if you're happy to export everything you've coded, feel free to click on "Export all".

8) Login to your accounting software and locate the transactions.


- In the receipts page, you'll see the 'Exported' category added to receipts that have been successfully exported.

- If you aren't sure about which export schedule to pick, we recommend leaving it on the Manual setting. Don't worry, you can change these settings at any point in future by using the Export Settings menu.