Note: the instructions in this FAQ apply to the Digit user interface only.

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CSV files are accepted by many programs and tools as a way to export information from your Squirrel Street account!

TIP: A CSV file is one with Comma-Separated-Values. This is a common import file type to many accounting and financial software. When creating this export, select what character you would like to be placed between each value/column (delimiter). Then, when you go to import this, enter the same character as the delimiter and your software will automatically pull your information into proper rows and columns.

Create a CSV file from your Squirrel Street receipts

Here's how:

1. Log into your account and goto View and export.  (You may wish to set the parameters of your report by filtering your receipts on the page)

2. To export receipts, a) check the boxes next to the receipts you want to export (or select the whole page if you've already filtered the list), b) go to the hamburger menu, c) click on "Download as..." and d) choose CSV, then e) type in the email address(es) you wish the report to go to!

3. The report will follow the format below (you can expand yours by enlarging the fields)

You can send this report to anyone.  Furthermore, they'll be able to view images of the original documents by clicking on the Links to the far right of the report.