Note: the instructions in this FAQ apply to the Digit user interface only.

Not sure which interface you're using?  Click here to work it out!

The first method is by using the filters menu.

1.  Goto the View and export page

2. Click on the Filters button

3. Click in the Envelope drop down menu.  You can browse for envelopes by scrolling up and down or begin to type in the envelope code to find the one you're after.  

Note that you can also search for digital-only (e.g. emailed or uploaded) documents submissions by selecting "No Envelopes".

Alternatively, if you don't know which envelope code to look for but you know when you sent it, you can browse using our Manage Envelopes table, which states when envelopes have been received by us and which ones have had their contents were uploaded into the account.  Here's how:

Click on the cog/gear button to the top right of any screen in the interface and select Manage Envelopes

So in the example below, envelope 3TUTUTR5 was received by us on 21/1/19 and has been uploaded into the account.  If you wish to view the contents of that envelope only, just click on the envelope code.