Note: the instructions in this FAQ apply to the Digit user interface only.

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You can bulk categorise receipts in order to export them to accounting software (note that you need to have integrated Squirrel Street with the accounting software first). You can do this by adding the same category to all receipts with a particular vendor name at the same time.  Or if all the receipts of several vendors have the same category, you can filter for them all at the same time.  Here's how:

1) Goto the View and export page.

2) Filter for a particular vendor(s) by going to Filters then typing the name(s) into the Vendor filter and selecting it.  In the example below, we're filtering for all Coles receipts.  Alternatively, you can browse the Vendor drop-down list. 

3) Select all the receipts on the page by clicking in the topmost check box on the left.


Please note that if your list exceeds 20 documents, it will carry over onto another page. Selecting "all" will only select the documents on that page, in which case you'll have to repeat steps (3) to (5) for the pages that follow

4) Click on "assign categories".  This will call up the account's GL codes or chart of accounts.

5) You can either search for the category directly or browse the codes in this menu.  Select the code that applies to this vendor (this account uses Xero but the same process applies for other accounting software) and press "Save".

7) Once you've assigned the category to all the filtered receipts, you can clear the filter by refreshing the page.

8) Then repeat the process for the next vendor or category!

9) To export your coded receipts, simply click on Export All.  

  Or select which (categorised) ones you want to export, and click on Export selected.

And that's it!