The instructions in this FAQ apply to both the old and Digit user interfaces.

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Instead of manually uploading your supplier's email invoice, or manually forwarding them as you receive them, you can set an auto-forwarding rule using the “from” email, in our example the supplier's email is ‘’ “to” your submission email address instead.

To find your submission email (which looks something like, go to Settings>Account Settings>Account Name and Submission Email (for the Digit user interface) or if you're using the old interface, Settings > General, and it's under Change your Email Address PIN. Yes you can change your submission email,  here's how to do that for the Digit user interface and for our old interface.

How to auto-forward your emails

This works where if you know your vendor always email you invoices from '', you can set this rule for them.

 Here’s an example using Gmail (please refer to the instructions in your email server for auto-forwarding from other email providers):

1) Set up auto-forwarding

2) Upon creating the filter, Gmail sends a verification email to your Squirrel Street account.  After five minutes, you can login to Squirrel Street and view your receipts in order to access this email. 
3) Click as shown below to view your documents awaiting processing (if there's nothing there, it may be that the verification email has already been processed, in which case it will be in the account proper as an Other Document.)

For the Digit interface

For the old interface

3) Find the verification email by clicking on the files that appear to the left of the screen.