There are two ways you can select which coded receipts to export if you don't wish them all to export when you click on "Export now". (NB - the button to "Export selected" in the All Receipts page does not apply to exports to accounting software)  You can also use the methods below to export different receipts to different parts of your accounting software simply by selecting a subsection and changing the export settings each time you export.  Remember that receipts without a valid GL code will not export to accounting software, whether or not you use these methods.

Subtraction method - consider using this method when you wish to export most of the new receipts in your list. (Already-exported receipts will not export again)

Simply select those receipts you do not wish to export at the time and assign the category "Do not export" to them.  They will not export until you remove this tag.

Addition method - consider using this method when you only have a small or easily filtered selection of receipts you wish to export at the time

1) Select the receipts you wish to export and assign the category "Ready to export" to them.

2) Go to your export settings menu and select "Advanced" then "Save".

If you'd like, you could choose to click on "Export now" and only your "Ready to export" receipts will be exported.  Otherwise, the system will automatically check every even hour, on the hour (e.g. 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, etc) for receipts with a) a valid GL code and b) the category "ready to export", and export only those.