Note: the instructions in this FAQ apply only to the old User Interface.

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Quarterly reports (or any reports over a specified timeframe) can be created in these steps:

1) Filter your receipts by date range

2) Select all filtered receipts

3) Export selected receipts to PDF/CSV

1. Filter your receipts by date range by going to the right of the All Receipts page and entering in your from and to dates under the Date range filter.

2.  If your filtered receipts total >20, please extend the page by clicking on the largest number at the bottom of the list of receipts 

3.  Select all filtered receipts in the page by clicking in the topmost box to the left, clicking on the hamburger menu to the right, Download as, choosing the file format (CSV or PDF) and entering which email address(es) you wish it to be sent to.  Don't forget to press "Send".

Generating this report could take some time, depending on how large the file is.

After creating the report, you can cancel the document selection by refreshing the page.  This will also remove the date filters.

PDF Reports will follow this format

A PDF image of each receipt will appear on the pages after the summary.

Excel/CSV Reports will follow the format below

You can view images of each receipt by clicking on the link to the right of each receipt entry