The instructions in this FAQ apply to both the old and Digit user interfaces.

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There are common DropBox issues that may prevent documents from being uploaded successfully. 

The following list will aim to cover off some common issues and how to fix them.

Documents still sitting in the Dropbox Upload folder

Check if you are using a desktop folder shortcut OR via the Dropbox website There are different troubleshooting methods for them.

A. Desktop folder shortcut(Where you have a desktop shortcut to Dropbox on your computer)

1. Is the folder still connected to Dropbox?
If syncing is paused, no new information will be available for uploading or downloading. See below.

You will need to click on 'Resume syncing' to connect to Dropbox again.

FYI the documents do stay in the 'upload' folder until they are data entered and ready for you to access in the Receipt page.

They can stay there for a while (maximum of one business day). However they should show in the awaiting processing page when you login to

2. Have you changed your Dropbox password recently?
If your password has been recently changed, your Dropbox sync may have been lost and you will need to connect again using your new password.

3. Have you tried logging into Dropbox website to check you can login using the same credentials?
Do this by going to directly, and logging in. This is a good way to check that you are using the correct login information.

4. Does the upload work through the Dropbox website? 

If yes, you may need to reconnect or setup the Dropbox folder from scratch.

5. Do the document desktop folders have the green tick next to them? 

If they are blue, then the sync has not finished.

B. Dropbox website: (where you login to to access your folders)

1. Are you still connected to Dropbox online? To the internet and other websites?

Please check that you are still connected and still able to access your Dropbox folders online.

2. Can you refresh your browser? Clear the browser cache?

Sometimes it could be a browser issue that is preventing you from accessing Dropbox folders online.

Using Dropbox with more than one Squirrel Street Account

Do you have more than one Squirrel Street account? If so you will have more than one upload folder.

Verify that you uploaded them into the right dropbox folder.

In the example below, there is only one Squirrel Street account connected, called 'Test Expenses Account'. 

If you have multiple Squirrel Street accounts, you will see more than one folder listed here.

Reconnecting your Dropbox

If none of the above walkthroughs have resolved your Dropbox issue, it might be a good idea to unlink and re-link your dropbox integration now.

Click on this link to login to your Integrations Page.

To relink, remove the existing connection first, by clicking on the cross button under the 'Upload documents via Dropbox' section.

Then click on 'Link to Dropbox' to form a new connection and try your uploads again.

Note: 'Backup to Dropbox' will only allow you to send all your Squirrel Street data to your Dropbox account for backups, they won't be processed.