Note: the instructions in this FAQ apply to the Digit user interface only.

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This FAQ is designed to be read in conjunction with the Walkthrough guide "Automation" in the Dashboard of the account to get more contextual information.  Here's where to find this guideAutomation is where you tell Squirrel Street to automatically assign a category to a receipt with a specified Vendor name, also known as creating a rule.  Having a good set of rules in your account can make your workflow that much smoother.  

Applying a rule to receipts is not retrospective however, it only applies to receipts data entered after you create the rule.  

To assign categories to receipts that are already in the account, it may be helpful for you to categorise them in bulk.  Please see this FAQ for instructions.

In our interface, can pick vendors and assign categories to them (in the Manage Vendors tab) and/or you can pick categories and assign vendors to them (in the Manage Categories tab).  Because the end result is the same, which tab you use is up to you, depending on whether you're more familiar with the vendors or the categories in your account.

For example, in the screenshot below is the Manage Categories tab.  Here, the category Xerov2 - 090 - Business Bank Account will always be added to Vendors called "Parking", "The Cosmopolitan" and "IGA".

The screenshot here is of the Manage Vendors tab of the same account.  Here is the entry for "The Cosmopolitan", viewed by vendor name.

So as you can see, these tabs are not independent of each other.  They contain the same information, but organised in a different way.

Here's how to create a rule whereby you automatically add a category to a vendor