Note: the instructions in this FAQ apply only to the Digit User Interface.

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Unfortunately, Squirrel Street does not highlight or otherwise identify duplicate receipts.  However, by using the filtering and sorting functions in your account, we believe you can achieve the same end.

1) Make sure you're on the View and export page.  If you've already exported documents to accounting software or PDF/Excel reports, we suggest you filter these receipts out by going to the right hand side of the All Receipts page and removing them temporarily via the Export Type filter (which can be found in the Filters menu).  You can use filters such as "Has not been exported to PDF or CSV" to filter out old receipts.

2) Then we suggest you sort the remaining receipts in order of total.  You do this by clicking on the word "Total" at the top of the receipt table.  You'll notice a "down" arrow next to "Total" if the amounts are in descending order, and an "up" arrow if the amounts are in ascending order.

Sorting by total enables you to quickly see identical amounts, which often is an indication of duplicates.   If there are more than 20 documents in the filtered list, be sure to expand the page to include all applicable receipts by clicking on the largest number at the bottom of the page.

3) After you've verified that you have a duplicate, click on the entry in the list to view the document image.  Goto the "hamburger" menu to the top left then click on "Trash" in the dropdown menu.

Continue doing this until you've deleted all the duplicates.  There should now be no more double ups when you export!