Note: the instructions in this FAQ apply only to the Digit User Interface.

Not sure which UI you're using?  Click here to work it out!

Can you see your receipt in the queue? Has it been like that for some time? Here's how to send it back to your queue to be processed (within your plan limits).

1) Login to Squirrel Street then go to Submit

2) You can view the processing queue in Awaiting Processing.

3) Click on a document on the left.  If a document is in the active processing queue, you should see the below message for it.  In that case, it's not stuck, but is waiting for an operator to get to it.  If you think it's taking too long, please feel free to get in touch with Support (1300 001 333 for AUS or 0508 001 333 for NZ) and we'll see what we can do!

On the other hand, if you see this form instead for a document, it's stuck and you'll need to release it for processing.

4a)You can do this for all the documents in the queue by clicking to the top right of the screen, as shown below

b) Or you can release the documents one at a time by selecting them to the left and clicking as below for each.