Upgrading or downgrading a client's account is very easy, though be aware that if you're downgrading it to DIY, these changes may only apply to the following calendar month.  

Here's how:

1) Login to the ProPartner Portal https://portal.squirrelstreet.com/Client/Accounts - if you're a ProPartner, you should also get this page by default when you login to Squirrel Street

2) Click on the name of the account you wish to upgrade/downgrade.  This will display the plans available

3) Choose the new plan you'd like the client to be on

4) Then click on Save at the bottom

If you're upgrading or downgrading to anything except for DIY, you'll get this message - you can choose for the new plan's limits to apply in either the current month (i.e. immediately) or the next calendar month.

5) Select your option then click "OK".  Then you've finished!


  • Choosing the free DIY plan means that you'll no longer be paying for the client's subscription, but that their records will still be available for you to access.
  • If you don't see the plan options displayed, this probably means you don't have the required access level to upgrade/downgrade subscriptions.  You need to have Administrator-level access, which is given by default to the person who set up the ProPartnership.