The instructions in this FAQ apply to both the old and Digit user interfaces.

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When you sign up directly with Squirrel Street two envelopes* will be automatically sent to the address specified for your account. Please note that we are only able to send envelopes to one address per account, and our Magic Envelopes are not available to users located outside of Australia. 

All envelopes are sent from our office in Sydney

Our Magic Envelopes include free shipping both ways, so you don't have to worry about paying for postage. Each envelope contains a unique code that identifies which account an envelope belongs to, so you don't need to include a cover sheet or any identifying information in your envelope.  If you're finding that you can't fit everything in our Magic Envelope and need a larger one, simply obtain one that fits your requirements and tape the Magic Envelope on top!  Your Magic Envelope will cover postage in this case too.

Sending Documents to Squirrel Street Using Your Own Mailing Materials

You can also use your own envelopes to post documents to Squirrel Street (provided that you are not on a digital subscription such as Apple). You will need to include a cover sheet that contains your name and email address so we know which account the envelope belongs to. Here are links to instructions on how to find a ready-made cover sheet in your Squirrel Street account. 

- for the old user interface

- for the digit interface

Our mailing address is:

Squirrel Street

PO Box 332

Frenchs Forest NSW 1640


Fees and charges may apply to couriers other than Australia Post and StarTrack to deliver parcels to PO Boxes. Couriers may pass this cost on to customers.

(If you need to hand deliver anything, you'll need to deliver it to Frenchs Forest Post Office.  Please note that there is a surcharge for delivering mail by hand to a PO Box.)

Organizing or Sorting Documents Before Sending to Squirrel Street

  • For the most part, documents do not need to be organised in any way before you send them to Squirrel Street. Please make sure that multiple small dockets are not attached to larger pieces of paper, as we are not able to process this kind of document. 
  • Each receipt should be loose in the envelope. 
  • Each individual document should also not be stapled or otherwise attached to other pages, unless the document is part of a multi-page document. You can read more about multi-page documents in our FAQ database
  • All documents will go through the same processing here at Squirrel Street, so sorting your documents will not affect how they are processed and added to your account. If you wish to subdivide your documents, you can put them into plastic sleeves, and we will assign a separate envelope code to each sleeve, which you can use to filter these documents in your account.  Our policy is to return documents to you the way that you send them to us. So if you send receipts pre-sorted or labeled in folders, subdividers or small envelopes, we will return them to you that way.

* Some Squirrel Street plans do not include mail-in envelope service - this includes Apple iTunes Subscriptions.  Please contact us for more information.