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Upload scanned documents
Email receipts

We know that you like to do things your way. That's why we offer a variety of ways for you to submit your own scanned documents to Squirrel Street. Just make sure they are one of our accepted file types (.gif, .jpg, .pdf, and .png).

Web Uploader

You can find the web uploader here, or in your account click on the black Add document button in the top right. Then simply drag and drop documents into the box or select the documents you want to add to Squirrel Street. 

If you want your documents to be processed by Squirrel Street, make sure to select the option for process automatically.

If this box is not checked, then you will need to enter the data for them yourself. This is a great option for users on our DIY plan to submit documents. You can submit an unlimited number of documents through the web uploader using this method.


Another convenient method of submitting receipts is through email. You can forward any receipts to  your submission email addess

This is convenient for any stores that you regularly make purchases from because you can have your settings automatically forward those receipts to Squirrel Street. 

To find/edit your personal Squirrel Street email, visit Account settings. Scroll to the bottom to change your Squirrel Street Email Address Pin for easy memorization. 

note: if you set up your scanner to email scanned documents automatically, we would recommend to set the email to your work or personal email address first, then you can forward to your Squirrel Street email. That way you can keep a record of documents that are emailed by your scanner.