Please note that the instructions in this FAQ apply to the old user interface only.

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Code your receipts automatically

Check out the great features in our Manage Categories Section!

  • Add New Categories 
  • Set rules assign categories to receipts according to vendor name
  • Set rules to exclude selected vendors from certain categories
  • Set rules to assign categories to receipts according to payment type

The first thing you will want to do is go to the manage categories section which can be found under the Receipts Section. Then go to the right side of the page where the filter options are listed, next scroll down to Categories and select 'Manage'.

Next you can add new custom categories by selecting the Add button as shown below.

After you get all your categories added you may want to set some rules.

First, click the arrow beside the category you want to add rules to in order to expand the options.

The first option is to add a vendor to the Included Vendors List as shown below. This will allow you to have any receipts from this vendor to be automatically tagged with that category.

The second option you have is to add a vendor the Excluded Vendors List. This will make sure that any time a receipt is processed from the vendor it will not be tagged as that category.

Lastly, you have the option to set the Payment Process rule. This will allow you to have receipts from certain payment types to go into preset categories. For example if you have a card that you only use for your business and you want to make sure it goes into a specific business category each time you can set it here.