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Email receipts

We offer a handy submission email address, which is unique to your personal Squirrel Street account.
This address looks like  

Send any receipt, invoice or other document to your Submission address and it will automatically be sorted, processed, human-verified and added to your Squirrel Street account. Whether your document is in the body of the email or attached to it, our inbox will catch and sort anything you send us.

Accepted Attachment Formats:

IMAGES as .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tif or .tiff

Adobe Acrobat PDF files as .pdf

Microsoft Word files as .doc or .docx

Microsoft Excel files as .xls or .xlsx

Open Office files as .odt or .ods

Note that images that are contained in the body of the email and that are lower than 10KB will bounce back and a notification email will be sent to you with the file name. In most cases they will be logos, signatures, etc that are contained within the email body.  There are no restrictions on other formats.

Multiple attachments in your submission email address:

Yes you can attach multiple attachments to be sent to your submission email address, however we would recommend that if you have a high volume of attachments, that you use our Dropbox integration instead. This would eliminate the chances of email content being intercepted or changed by ISPs, as well as reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot, should attachments not get sent through properly.

Change your submission email address:
Since we automatically form your submission email address from your username and an auto-generated PIN, we also offer the option
for you to change both of these to personalise your submission email address and make it easier to remember.

To change your Submission Email
1.      Log into your account, click on the account name on the top right corner then select Settings.
2.      In the menu on the left, select General, enter a new username and PIN in the fields and click Save.