Note: the instructions in this FAQ apply only to the old User Interface.

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Here is how the integration works in a snapshot:


Squirrel Street's direct integration with MYOB works by assigning Squirrel Street receipts into the appropriate MYOB account code, then exporting directly into your MYOB account.


MYOB integration consists of the following steps:

  1. The first time you start the integration, prepare some receipts for exporting. 
  2. Login to Squirrel Street and goto to the Receipts page.  To the top of your receipts list, click on Export all > Accounting Exports.  Then click on the link to start linking Squirrel with your accounting software.

Or alternatively, login to your account and then click on this link

Here's what the integration page looks like with no integrations

3. Click on "Add integration" to authenticate in MYOB.

4. Follow the setup prompts carefully.


Select which business you would like to export documents to. Then click "Complete integration":

Select your default export settings. For MYOB Essentials, we post to General Journal or as a 'Bill'. Then click "Save":

If your documents are already categorised with the MYOB Essentials labels, you can hit "Export now" to export immediately:

5. Once the connection is successful, Squirrel Street will import your most current Chart of Accounts (this is automatic and may take a while depending on the quantity, it will refresh upon each export attempt).  

6. Go back to Receipts, and categorise the receipts you've prepared earlier by selecting each receipt and using the drop down menu in "Assign Category" at the top of the receipts list. You should now find your MYOB Chart of Accounts list!

7. Time of export will depend on your chosen settings.  Automatic will mean an export will occur every 2hrs. Manual will occur when you click on the 'Export now' button.

8. You may click on 'Export now' to test the connection.

9. Login to MYOB and locate the transactions either in Banking Reconciliations or in your Bills area:
*Note: Bills will have the original image as an attachment as well as a preview link. General journals will only have the preview link.


- Only receipts with a 'MYOBEss' category added will be picked up by the export and added to your MYOB account. 
You will see a confirmation message with all the exported receipts on the Accounting exports page once the process is complete.

- In the receipts page, you'll see the 'Exported' category added to receipts that have been successfully exported.

- If you have receipts that have a MYOB category added to them, but you don't want them to be picked up by the export process, add the 'Do not export' category to those receipts, and the export process will skip those:

- Due to how MYOB Essentials works, to view the recent exported data in your General Journal, you will have to move the "TO" date one day after the date that the data has been exported.
If you receipts aren't exporting due to financial year locked issue please do the following to unlock your financial year on your MYOB Essentials:
  1. Log into your MYOB Essentials
  2. From your MYOB Essentials click on your account name on top right hand side.
  3. Choose "Business Details"
  4. Then scroll right to the bottom of the page.
  5. Untick the "Lock my data up to and including"

Note on GST:

If you are registered for GST, make sure you have this option selected in MYOB Essentials. When you validate your Squirrel Street receipts, ensure there is a GST amount present before you export!

If you are NOT registered for GST, make sure you have this option selected in MYOB Essentials. When you validate your Squirrel Street receipts, ensure in Settings, you have set your Account GST Rate to 0 before you export: