Whenever you add a new user in the ProPartner portal, you'll be asked what access level they should be given.

There are 3 types of user permissions in the ProPartner portal. These are:

1. Client – Clients don’t have access to the ProPartner Portal. They are directed to Squirrel Street’s main app where they’ll be able to view their account and documents.

2. Staff Member – Staff members can only view accounts you’ve given them permission to view in your ProPartner Portal. They can only edit client details and tax settings, but cannot change the account plan and have no access to billing. Staff can also invite clients into the accounts they have access to.

3. Administration Staff – Administration staff have the same permissions as the account owner in the ProPartner Portal. That means they can manage billing, create new accounts and change plans for client accounts, so you might want to consider who you give admin access to within your organisation. We recommend keeping the number of admin staff to a select few within your organisation.

You can also specific which accounts this user can have access to. You can nominate them to have as much or as little access as necessary: