You can choose to process documents yourself that you've just submitted, bypassing the data entry queue.  Please view the tutorial below to view how.

You can view and edit documents awaiting processing by tapping on <i><b>Processing.&nbsp;</b></i> The number to the left is how many documents there are in the queue.

Tap on the entry you wish to edit yourself.

This will call up an image of the document.&nbsp; To edit it, tap on <b><i>Cancel Processing</i></b>

Confirm that you wish to take it out of the processing queue

<span class="">Tap <i><b>Edit</b></i></span>

Tap each field to enter its details.

and so on...

Tap on&nbsp;<span class=""><i><b>Save </b></i>when you're finished</span>

When you've finished editing your documents, click <span class=""><i><b>Receipts</b></i> to go back to the updated document list.&nbsp; And that's it!</span>