The first step is to <b>login</b> to the app with your<b>&nbsp;email and password</b>. If you have more than one<b> </b>account, make sure you're in the right one by clicking on "Accounts" and entering the right one.&nbsp;

Click on the correct account

To add a document, click on the&nbsp;<span class=""><i><b>add button</b></i></span>

You can either use a document from your photo library or use your iPad's camera to take a photo on the spot.

<span class="">After you've taken the photo, confirm that that's the one you want to use.&nbsp; If it's a little blurry or otherwise faulty, feel free to reject it and take a new one.&nbsp; You can add notes to the document at this point.&nbsp; Click on&nbsp;<i><b>Save </b></i>when finished.</span>

The total number of documents awaiting data entry for that account will appear to the top right.&nbsp; You've finished!