The instructions in this FAQ apply to both the old and Digit user interfaces.

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I already authorised and set up my integration between Squirrel Street and my accounting software. Why do I have to repeat this step?

When you give Squirrel Street permission to use one of your other services, that service gives Squirrel Street an authorisation token. This token basically allows the services to talk to each other and exchange information. Authorisation tokens can expire or be invalidated by various other factors. Most of these are by design, in order to keep your information secure.

How do I know my integration needs reauthentication?

In most cases, we’ll tell you when an integration you’ve set up needs to be reauthenticated. You may also notice that some accounts are missing from settings dropdowns, or your exports aren’t making it into the third-party application even though you’ve coded them correctly.

How do I reauthenticate my online accounting software integrations?

Do this by clicking on the "Reauthorise" button to the right of the Integrations Settings page.  Instructions for finding this page are below.

For the old Interface

To reauthenticate your integration, simply login to Squirrel Street and goto to the Receipts page.  To the top of your receipts list, click on Export all > Accounting Exports>Manage Integrations

For the Digit Interface

Go to the Integration Settings for that account.  Here's how

Any integration that needs reauthentication will have a ‘Reauthorise’ button on the far right of the listing.

How do I reconnect to a new online accounting software I recently changed to?

Just follow the same steps by going to your Integrations page, then click on the X box to remove the existing connection.

Then click on the 'Link another account' button to reconnect it to your new online accounting software.


Provided that all existing Squirrel Street transactions have been actioned and resolved:

- all existing data in Squirrel Street will remain the same, untouched

- all new data will be sent to the new accounting software

- the CoA will sync to the new account CoA settings upon reconnecting