Exporting is fairly easy once integration is complete.  The most important thing to know is that each receipt to be exported must have a valid GL or account code before it will export successfully.  Here's how to assign them from the Pending Receipts page.  To see how to export from the Receipts page, please click here.  Exporting from the Receipts page allows you to assign GL codes in bulk.

1) Click on a receipt in the Pending Receipts page and it will turn into editable fields.

2) Click on the down arrow within the GL Code field and it will call up your current chart of accounts, which will have been imported when integration was completed.  Simply click on the correct code and it will be assigned!  You can also search for the code by beginning to type it in the Search field at the top of the drop down menu.

3) Continue to add GL codes to all the receipts you wish to export at that time.

4) When you're ready, click on "Export now" and all the coded receipts will be exported!

Exporting may take some time, depending on how many receipts there are.  At the end, you'll get a short report saying how many receipts were exported.

Helpful tips:

a)  Beside a lack of a code, there are other factors which may prevent a receipt from exporting successfully, usually imposed by your accounting software package.  If this happens, you'll see a warning message "!" to the side of the receipt.  Hover your mouse over the "!" to get more detail on the error.

b) You can change your export settings each time you export!  Simply click on the CHANGE button to edit your export settings.  From the menu there, you will be able to choose where the receipts end up in your accounting package and when they export.

c) Feel free to click on "view receipt" while editing the receipts to check that everything is correct.