The instructions in this FAQ apply to both the old and Digit user interfaces.

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Do you get a message like this when you try to export?

This usually happens when the link or integration between Squirrel Street and another service like accounting software or Dropbox has expired or been invalidated.  An authorisation token is set up whenever a link is created, and this token can become invalid.  This is meant to be a security measure to keep your information safe.  In most cases, we’ll tell you when an integration you’ve set up needs to be re-authenticated, though you may discover it first yourself!  You may also notice that some accounts are missing from settings dropdowns, or your exports aren’t making it into the third-party application even though you’ve coded them correctly.  Another way you can tell that you need to re-authenticate is if you can see this in the Integrations page

If you see either or both cases, you need to unlink that integration and re-link it.  

If you're a ProPartner - go to the Pending Receipts page for that account and click on CHANGE

On the page that follows, click on "Unlink" to sever the link entirely.

Then re-link the integration in the same way you did at the beginning!  (Instructions to do this for each software program can be found in Solutions/Propartners)

If you're a direct customer, login to Squirrel Street then click on this link to go to the Integrations Page (old Interface). For the Digit Interface, please access your Integration Settings from the Settings menu

View the appropriate integration then click on the "X" on the red background to break the link, then re-link the integration like you did in the beginning!  (Instructions to do this for each software program can be found in Solutions/Integrations)

This technique of unlinking and re-linking works in most cases where an attempt to export gives an error message.  However, the error could be due to something else.  If you're still getting error messages after unlinking and re-linking, please do not hesitate to call Support on 1300 001 333 or emailing