The instructions in this FAQ apply to both the old and Digit user interfaces.

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Digital documents may be rejected for several reasons; for example, the document may have been an unsupported file type or too blurry to read. Here's what you can do to get the document added to your online account.

Steps to take after a rejection notice:

  1. Make sure that you only include a single document in a single file (i.e. each file you submit should only contain one transaction - we'll accept a file that contains different versions of the same transaction, like itemised invoice + eftpos docket).
  2. Use the app to take another photo of a document we've rejected as blurry.  Good lighting and steady hands make an appreciable difference!  Or re-scan the document and check that the document was fed through smoothly.
  3. Make sure that you submitted the document through an appropriate submission method. For example, the Squirrel Street Receipt and Mileage Tracker is only designed to process receipts and mileage. If you submitted other type of document through the app, that could be the cause of the rejection. You can use another method to resubmit the document, such as scanning.
  4. Make sure the file you submitted is one of these file types. If it is another file type, you can convert it to one of the accepted file types and resubmit it for processing.
  5. If the file type is one of our accepted types, check that the document is not password-protected or otherwise encrypted. Once you've removed any sort of protection, you can resubmit it for processing.
  6. If the document may not be recognized as an actual document (for example, an image you're trying to store in Squirrel Street), you can upload it through the web uploader and enter the data for it yourself.  (Documents you data enter yourself will not count towards your monthly limit)