1) From the Client Accounts page, click on the pending receipts link.

2) If you haven't already linked Squirrel Street with Saasu, you'll see this message in red.  Click on "Link account" if so.  If you don't see this message, this probably means the link has already been successfully made.  Please click here for instructions on how to export if so.

3) Select "Saasu" from the drop down menu to the left and then click on "Continue to link your account".   

4) You'll then be asked to enter your credentials for your Saasu account.  Click on "Authenticate" when you've finished.

5) Select which Saasu company file your Squirrel Street exports will go to, then click on "Complete integration".

6) Select where to post your receipts (Purchase or Expense).  You also need to select the export schedule.  We recommend you select "I want to manually export my receipts when I'm ready" - manual export - if you've never exported from Squirrel Street before.  You can also modify these settings later.

7) You'll get this screen when integration is complete.

8) For instructions on how to export your receipts, please click here.

Note: this is how your receipts will appear in Saasu after exporting (as expenses), along with downloadable PDFs of the original documents.