If you are migrating from one accounting software platform to another, for example moving from Xero to MYOB. Here are the steps to help you migrate smoothly.


  • Connect to MYOB by clicking on 'Link another account', this should allow us to fetch your Chart of Accounts in MYOB


  • Go to the Receipts page, remove all Xero related tag categories. You can do this in bulk:


  • Now apply the MYOB categories to each receipt
  • Once you have applied all new MYOB categories to each receipt, attempt to export to MYOB by going to the integrations page again and click on 'Export now'

Click on each heading for tips on how to: setup the export methods, a step-by-step walk through on how to integrate with: MYOB, XERO, QBO, Saasu.

Need assistance?

If you have a large quantity of transactions, this can become quite laborious. 

Please get in touch with us so we may help you achieve this in a shorter amount of time: help@squirrelstreet.com. Include your account name, how many transactions you have in total, and which account softwares are you switching from/to.

The new UI will aim to facilitate this much more efficiently. Stay tuned for updates!