The instructions in this FAQ apply to both the old and Digit user interfaces.

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If you wish to export to Saasu, you may see this in the Notes field when you open up an "export failed" receipt in Squirrel Street after attempting to export.

Basically, this is due to a new development from Saasu.  Squirrel Street can now only export as "Purchase" to Saasu if GST has been enabled (i.e. for GST registered entities).

You'll know if GST is disabled in Saasu if your invoices are called "Purchase invoice" and not "Tax Invoice" when you try to add a purchase in Saasu.

If you are GST registered, please enable this in Saasu, and try exporting again.

If you're not GST registered, a workaround is to export as "Expense", as shown in the Squirrel Street export settings menu

We're working on an upgrade on our side, to enable non-GST enabled users to export their documents as Purchase Invoices into Saasu.  Meanwhile, thanks for your patience!