The instructions in this FAQ apply to both the old and Digit user interfaces.

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So you've exported successfully multiple times in the past so you know what to do, you've assigned the right accounting code to the receipt(s) but your receipts all get "export failed" (or get stuck on "Queued for Export") when you try to export them?

If you open up your receipt and get the below error message in the Notes... means that you need to re-link your integration.

The integration  between Squirrel Street and your accounting software (such as Xero, MYOB etc) has been revoked or disturbed.  This can happen because the person who set up the link initially between Xero and Squirrel has and had their access to Xero or Squirrel revoked.

To fix this issue, all you have to do is to reset the integration by unlinking and re-linking it.  Here's how:

1) Login to Squirrel Street and go to

2) You should then see your integration listed, looking possibly like this.

3) If so, you need to unlink the integration by clicking on the red cross to the far right (it may be helpful for you to remind yourself of the export settings (such as "Bill/Purchases" or "Spend Money") that your account previously had before you do this, because you'll need to input the settings again as part of the process.)

4) If you only have one account with us, you'll then see this page.  Please follow the prompts to re-link your integration.  In the process, you'll be redirected to your accounting software where you'll need to authenticate.  

(If you have more than one account integration, please click on "Link another account" to right.)

5) After you've re-input your export settings in Squirrel Street, press Save.  Then try exporting again!