The information in this FAQ applies to both the old and Digit user interfaces.

What is 2 Step Authentication?

2 Step Authentication is a login process that requires two pieces of authentication/proof in order for you to access your Squirrel Street account.  In this case, we need both a password and a verification code (sent to your email).  The Squirrel Street verification code is valid for 15 minutes and is needed only once every 5 days.

Why have we implemented 2 Step Authentication?

2SA is now becoming an industry requirement so this measure was inevitable.  But this means that you can have added peace of mind that there is a lower risk of an unauthorised person accessing your private records.

Help!  I can't find my verification code in my email.

Have you checked your spam?  If it's not there, please wait for up to 15 minutes to see if it comes a little late.

Help!  I share a login with someone else and actually don't have access to that email inbox.

Please contact Support at and we can set you up with your own login, using an email you do have access to.

Will we provide verification codes via other means (e.g. a mobile app such as Authy) in future?

At the moment, we have no plans to do this, but never say never!  If we do, we'll be sure to communicate with our users.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Support on 1300 001 333 (Aus) or 0508 001 333 (NZ) or