The instructions in this FAQ apply to both the old and Digit user interfaces.

Not sure which interface you're using? Click here to work it out!

Forgot your password?

No problem. Just click here, enter your email address and you'll be emailed a new password within a few minutes. 

Password reset not working?

Email during business hours and our support team will have you logged back in in no time!

Want to change your password?

Login and click on your name at the top of the screen and select Settings (and goto User Settings in the new UI). You'll be able to make an awesome custom password on that page.

For further assistance in changing your login and password, please view the interactive tutorial below.  (Please note whether you're using the Digit or old user interfaces)


 1  The first step is to login via and click on the name of your account to the top right.

Step 1 image

 2  Click Settings

Step 2 image

 3  Click User Settings

Step 3 image

 4  You can change your name and the email address you use to login to Squirrel Street on the Name and Email page.  Important: if you change your login email and you use our mobile apps, you'll need to logout of our mobile app and log back in to reset.

Step 4 image

 5  Click on Change Password to change your password.  Please remember to save.

Step 5 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners