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There are five ways you can get documents into Squirrel Street.

1. Mail-in

1.1 Magic Envelope

For most plans, you can send in one Magic Envelope* each month.  If you're a direct client, these will be sent out to you automatically when you start on a paying plan, provided you give us a mailing address.  If you're a ProPartner, you'll need to order them for each client.

Please note that any extra Magic Envelopes submitted will cost $9.00 per envelope in that month. Also if you choose to have your documents returned, it will cost a flat fee of $17 extra per month. Any of your own envelopes and postage used to send your documents will not be counted towards your monthly envelope limit.

Each envelope contains a code that uniquely identifies it as having come from you. This code can be found under the envelope opening.

Check or update your postal address under your account Settings> My mail-in settings

*Not available for digital plans such as Apple..

1.2 Regular post

If you use your own envelope, it is essential that you include your cover sheet. If you don’t, your documents will not be recognised as having come from you. Go to the Dashboard then click on the "My Envelopes" link which is on the right hand side, then click on "Print coversheet". 

Mailing address:

Squirrel Street
PO Box 332
Frenchs Forest NSW 1640

Fees and charges may apply to couriers other than Australia Post and StarTrack to deliver parcels to PO Boxes. Couriers may pass this cost on to customers.

If you need to hand deliver anything, you'll need to deliver it to Frenchs Forest Post Office.  Please note that there is a surcharge for delivering mail by hand to a PO Box.

Hints and tips for mailing documents*:

Mail regularly
The best way to overcome losing documents or having them fade before you’ve dealt with them is to mail them in quickly and regularly.

Handwritten notes on documents
We generally ignore handwritten notes on any of your documents. However, if you’d like to bring something to our attention, we suggest that you write in bold NOTES FOR Squirrel Street: whatever you would like to tell us. e.g., you want to have a document treated as an invoice (but it is a statement), you’d write NOTES FOR Squirrel Street: this document is a tax invoice.

Staples / paper clips
If you need to indicate that several pages are part of ONE (1) document (such as phone bills, bank statements, etc) please use paper clips. Please separate pages that should be treated as separate documents. Make sure that stapled or paper-clipped pages belong to the same business document (remove unnecessary staples).

Avoid duplicates!
Make sure that you either clip EFTPOS receipts to the associated tax invoice, or discard them completely. If you have already submitted the tax invoice, no need to send the payment receipts. Note that if you do, you can always manually merge them later.

Unopened mail
Please don’t send us your receipts or invoices in unopened envelopes as it really slows down processing time. We're also not actually authorised to open someone's private mail so this could consitute a security breach.

Unique envelope codes in plastic sleeves
If you need groups of documents to be traceable under a unique bundle, you can submit them in plastic sleeves with different cover notes. Each plastic sleeve will be treated as an individual envelope with its unique code, e.g. expense claims for different employees can be submitted in one envelope, using a plastic sleeve for each employee, with a cover note stating Unique Envelope Code Required: Employee Name. This cover note will also become available in Squirrel Street under Other Documents.

Urgent envelopes
From time to time, you might have an envelope that requires urgent upload. Whilst we can’t promise it will jump the queue, send us an email with the envelope code to and we’ll see what we can do.

Shredding after processing is complete
We keep the documents for 4 weeks before they're shredded, should you ever need anything back again.

*Not available for digital plans such as Apple or NRMA subscriptions.

2. Smart Phone (iPhone and iPad)

If you’re out and about, the Squirrel Street Australia mobile app lets you shoot a photo of your receipt and submit it for Squirrel Street processing whilst you’re on the go. Usually it’s pretty quick, but depending on processing queues, it can take up to one business day until it appears in your account.

The app also lets you track your car’s mileage (no more hand writing those log-books).

FYI – it’s been named in the top 10 App Store business apps.

Just head over to the App store and download the free app onto your phone or tablet.

Please note: The Squirrel Street apps are free. However, mobile data charges for downloading it or uploading documents may apply. Check with your mobile service provider.

3 Sending in via Email

Your account has a unique submission email address associated with it that you can send/forward emails and emailed receipts to. To find out what your Squirrel Street email address is, simply log in, view your receipts, click on your account's name in the top right and choose settings.  Your email address will follow this format: account name + . + 4 digit  Or if you’re completely lost, you can give us a call on 1300 00 1333.


Emailing tips

We accept the following formats:

Images as .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .gif or .png
Adobe Acrobat PDF files as .pdf
Microsoft Word files as .doc or .docx
Microsoft Excel files as .xls or .xlsx
Open Office files as .odt or .ods
Invoices or receipts in the body of the email

Remove Signatures, Logos.
Images that are smaller than 10K will be rejected, so we advise that you remove any signatures, logo or formatting images before submitting.

One invoice per pdf
Make sure that each attached pdf only contains one (1) business document. You can send several pdf attachments as part of the same email.

Easily read
Make sure that your images are easily read and not in a resolution either so small or so pixelated it’s difficult to read.

Save time
Give your Squirrel Street submission email address to your suppliers to send to or set up an email auto-forwarding for ‘invoices’.

Setting up job/project names
If you'd like for a job or project name to appear in the document notes, use the email subject title.

Use email rules or filter NOT group email forwards
Please don’t send select multiple emails and hit forward. It will send as a zip file and we can’t read those.


4. Web Uploader

You can also use our web uploader. Access the web uploader by clicking on the black ‘add document’ tab on your menu bar (once you’ve logged in). Then simply click and drag your receipts into the box.


If you want the documents to be processed by Squirrel Street, make sure you’ve selected the option for process automatically. If it’s not checked – you’ll need to enter the data in yourself.

Upload tips:

  • We accept the following file types:

                - Images as .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .gif or .png
                - Adobe Acrobat PDF files as .pdf
                - Microsoft Word files as .doc or .docx
                - Microsoft Excel files as .xls or .xlsx
                - Open Office files as .odt or .ods

  • Make sure each pdf only contains one (1) business document

  • Ensure that any multipage documents are saved as PDF or Word

  • Drag and drop files from your computer into the grey part in the document submission area to save yourself time

  • Upload several documents at a time

  • Make sure you don’t leave the page (close tab or go back) before documents are uploaded completely

  • Count your documents to make sure they’ve uploaded correctly

5. Dropbox

You can connect your Squirrel Street account to your Dropbox and upload documents via dropbox uploader

That’s probably enough to get you started. Once you have submitted your documents, check out our next guides:

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