1. First login to the ProPartner Portal

2. Click on "pending receipts" of the client's account you would like to integrate with SageOne

3. Click the "Link Account" button

4. From the drop-down menu select SageOne

5. Click the "Continue to link your account" button

6. Enter your SageOne Account login details and then click the "Authenticate" button

7. From the drop-down menu select "Supplier Invoice"

8. Select your preferred method of export (you can only choose one at a time), then Save & Finish

9. You've now linked Squirrel Street to SageOne!  To perform the next step (exportation), you need to have documents in the Receipts section of your account. For each document, you'll need to click the area under the heading "GL code".  If you have many receipts to categorise at a time, you may find these instructions helpful.

11. Verify that all the information is correct and select the appropriate GL codes from the drop down menu

12. Once all the documents you wish to export have been coded, click the "Export Now" button (this is because we selected the manual export option earlier - otherwise it would export automatically later on)

13. There you have it!

14. It will now appear in your SageOne account

Or watch this video with step by step instructions (we recommend you watch in full screen)

Open https://integrations.app.sbaustralia.com/ in your favourite browser and login

Select which account you would like to integrate with Sage One

From the drop-down select Sage One

Click Add integration

Click Ok

Enter your Sage One login credentials and click login

Select the company you want to export to in Sage One from the drop-down and click Save

Select your preferred export settings from the menu and click Save.

Go to your receipts page at https://app.sbaustralia.com/member/v2/receipts and don't forget to code your receipts!

To do this simply check the receipts you would like to code

Click select

Click select

Click assign category

And simply select the appropriate category from the drop-down

Return to the integrations page.

Click Export now

Wait for the export to go across and check your Sage One account!

And there they are!

Login to Squirrel Street then click on "Pending receipts" for the appropriate account.

If the account is not already linked to accounting software, you'll get this message in red.  Click on "Link account" to begin integrating

Click here to select your accounting software

<span class="">Select <i><b>SageOne</b></i></span>

Click on <i><b>Continue to link your account</b></i>

Enter the email and password for your <i>Sage One</i> account then click on <i><b>Authenticate</b></i>

<span class="">At the moment,<i><b> Supplier invoice </b></i>is the only place in Sage One where you can post your documents.&nbsp; Please select it to confirm.&nbsp; Then select the time at which you wish to export.&nbsp; We recommend you select manual export (as selected here) to begin with</span>

Click <b><i>Save &amp; Finish</i></b>

You've successfully linked Squirrel Street and Sage One!&nbsp; You now need to code your receipts before they can export.&nbsp; Do this by clicking on each entry edit it.&nbsp; If you wish to code in bulk, please refer to the instructions in the body of this FAQ<br><br>

If all details are correct, all you need to do is select a GL Code from the drop-down menu.<br>

We've selected Motor Vehicle Expenses here

Click the next entry to move on to the next receipt

When all the receipts you wish to export have been coded, click on Export now

You'll get a "Success" message in green to show that your documents have successfully been put in the export queue.&nbsp; If any have failed export, hover your mouse over the red<b> !</b> to view the reason.