1) From the Client Accounts page, click on the pending receipts link.

2) If you haven't already linked Squirrel Street with QuickBooks, you'll see this message in red.  Click on "Link account" if so.  If you don't see this message, this probably means the link has already been successfully made.  Please scroll down to (8) for instructions on how to code receipts before exporting.

3) Select "QuickBooks Online" from the drop down menu to the left and then click on "Continue to link your account".   If you have more than one QuickBooks account, select the appropriate one.

4) Clicking on "Authenticate" in the next window will take you to QuickBooks itself, where you'll need to enter your credentials.

5) Enter your QuickBooks credentials in the window to sign in

QuickBooks may impose further security steps before you can completely authenticate the link.  Click on "Authorise" to agree to the link

6) Once the link has been approved by QuickBooks, it will import its chart of accounts across to Squirrel Street.  This may take some time.  To finish linking, you'll need to decide on export settings (NB these can be changed later on).  Choose from the drop down menu where in QuickBooks you wish your documents to show up after export.  

7) Then decide when you'd like export to normally take place.  We recommend you choose manual export, at least at the beginning.  Then click on "Save & Finish" at the bottom.

8) After that step, you'll be taken back to the Pending Receipts page.  Now you need to code your receipts before they will go across to QuickBooks.  Click on a field below "GL code" to code that receipt for export.

9) Select the appropriate GL Code for that receipt in the drop down menu.  You'll need to do this for every receipt.  If you have many receipts to code, please consider bulk coding the receipts from the All Receipts page.  Instructions on how to do this can be found here

10) Once all the receipts to be exported have been coded, all you need to do is click on "Export now".

11) The final report will tell you how many items have successfully exported.  

In the event an item has not exported successfully, hover your mouse over the "!" warning sign to view reasons for the error.


  • We have a built-in migration process running in the backend when you link your accounts
  • All previously exported receipts will have an exported category added to them. This is to help differentiate between newly added receipts which haven't been exported using the new integration, and receipts previously exported into QuickBooks Online but don't carry a 'QBO - ' category on them
  • We have saved your old rules to file. Please drop us a line on help@team.squirrelstreet.com if you want us to transfer these rules to your new 'QBO - ' categories, or if you'd like a copy of the rules for yourself.