The instructions in this FAQ apply to both the old and Digit user interfaces.

Not sure which interface you're using? Click here to work it out!

Submission best practice tips

We encourage you to experiment with all our submission methods to find one (or more) that works for you.  Click on the links for more detailed information on submitting using our old UI or Digit.

  • mail-in

  • email

  • mobile app

  • scan + web uploader

  • dropbox

We'd also like to share with you some tips and tricks for some of these methods, to ensure fastest and most accurate delivery!

Magic Envelopes & Regular Envelopes:

  • Please do not put unopened envelopes in your Magic Envelope! Take out that Telstra bill from its envelope, and pop it in your Magic Envelope. If we have to open multiple envelopes just to get to your bills, it'll slow us down ... in turn slowing down processing of documents for everyone

  • In place of a Magic Envelope (although we really love their tough protective nature), we will accept a regular envelope to stand in its place, without charge 

  • Mail-in options such as Magic Envelopes and regular post are not available on digital plans such as Apple or NRMA subscriptions

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For Australia and NZ Mail:

Squirrel Street

PO Box 332

Frenchs Forest NSW 1640


Fees and charges may apply to couriers other than Australia Post and StarTrack to deliver parcels to PO Boxes. Couriers may pass this cost on to customers.

If you need to hand deliver anything, you'll need to deliver it to Frenchs Forest Post Office.  Please note that there is a surcharge for delivering mail by hand to a PO Box.

Mail-in documents:

  • By default we keep the documents for 4 weeks before they are shredded, unless you've opted to have your documents returned (for an additional $11/month)
  • Coversheet: If you send documents using your own envelope a cover sheet needs to be printed and included for identification of your account. 
    • To obtain yours using the old User Interface, login then click on 'Print coversheet' via the Dashboard.
    • To obtain yours using the Digit Interface, login then go to the settings menu button to the top right (with the image of a cog), select "Manage Envelopes" then "Send your own Envelope" and "Print Coversheet"
    • Staples/Paperclips: Stapling or paper clipping pages/documents is usually the way our customers ask for documents to be scanned as one document, and are interpreted as such by our operators.

Electronic submissions:

  • Email attachments: Make sure your digital image is not reduced to a very small resolution, as our system might pick it up as a signature, logo, etc and might reject it.
  • File submission: Any documents that need to be processed separately have to be in separate files. This prevents re-processing of documents, which saves time for everyone.
  • Scanners: if you are using an office scanner, make sure you send the scanned documents to your own email address before forwarding to us. This way you can ensure it was scanned properly and retain a soft copy in your email archives.


Remember files ending in .rtf?

Yep these are good old rich text format files. Well, some of you still use this format, but it doesn't like our system very much. Instead, please use MS Word to format and send your documents to us.