Note: the instructions in this FAQ apply only to the old User Interface.

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Squirrel Street has a default set of categories which it will use to assign categories to some of your documents in the receipts page.  For more information on this set of categories and how to turn this function off, please view the FAQ here.

To assign any category to a document in the receipts page, the diagrams below will show you how

You can also create your own categories by clicking on "Create new category" at the bottom of the drop down menu

To all customers integrating with accounting software: when you integrate Squirrel Street with your accounting software, your accounting software will automatically import your accounting categories across so that you can assign accounting codes to your documents in this drop down menu.   For more information on integration and categorising, please view the relevant FAQ in the "Integrations" FAQ directory.  Propartners should head to the "Propartners" directory for instructions on this topic.