To view the interactive tutorial, click the link below!

ProPartner Xero integration tutorial

N.B If you are using the v2 integration, you no longer have to import the chart of accounts, it will be done automatically on integration.

It is simple and all happens from the Pending Receipt page!

From the Client Accounts page, click on the Pending receipts link for the right account

  • If there is an existing connection, click on 'Export now' to push new data across

  • If there isn’t an existing integration you’ll see an error message – “Oh snap! Looks like you don’t have any active integrations. You will need to link your accounting software.” and a “Link account” button just below it. Click on “Link account”.

  • Next, select Xero from the drop down list:

  • Click on “Continue to link your account”

  • Click on “Authenticate” on the next modal to log in to Xero.

  • You will be redirected to Xero’s login page. Please login using your Xero account details and follow the steps.

  • You’ll then be redirected back to the Propartner Portal where you can select what you would like your default export type to be (choose between Purchases/Bills, Spend Money, or Expense claims), and whether you want your documents to be exported automatically or manually.

Login and view your client list then click on "pending receipts" for the account you wish to integrate with Xero.

Click on "Link account" to start the integration.

On the pop-up window, click on the down arrow next to "Select"

Click on the down arrow next to "Select" then select "Xero"

Click "Continue to link your account"

Click <b>"Authenticate"</b>

This will take you to Xero's login page, where you'll need to enter your Xero login credentials to continue.

Click on "Allow access"

At this point, Squirrel Street will ask you what your export settings should be (you can go back and change this later if necessary).

Select where in Xero you'd like your receipts to end up. Each of the three options here has further sub-options. &nbsp;Please also check out the optional settings available just below at this point.

Select when you'd like to export. We recommend you select manual export to begin with. The two auto-export options export every even hour, on the hour (e.g. 12pm, 2pm, 4pm). &nbsp;Click on "Save &amp; Finish". &nbsp;

Integration is now complete. &nbsp;Next is exporting the receipts! &nbsp;You need to assign GL codes to each receipt you wish to export. &nbsp;Xero will have imported its chart of accounts across at integration. &nbsp;Click on a receipt to add the GL code.

Click in the box to select the GL code

Select the appropriate code from the drop-down menu

You can click on "view receipt" to view an image of the receipt if you're not sure which category to assign.

Click the next receipt to assign the GL code in the same way, till you have assigned codes to all your receipts

When you have completed assigning codes, click on "Export now"

This will start export. This could take some time, depending on how many receipts there are. Unsuccessful exports will remain on the page with a "!" next to them. &nbsp;Hover your mouse over "!" to see the error message.

If you wish, you can view your receipts page to confirm that your receipts have exported

All receipts that have exported will now have an "Exported" tag next to them. &nbsp;If you need to re-export a receipt, simply remove this tag by selecting the receipt and unselecting the tag from the "assign category" drop-down menu to the top left.