1. Click on "pending receipts" of the account you want to integrate

2. If there is an existing connection, click on 'Export now' to push new data across 

Otherwise, you will see the following message. Please select "Link account" to connect to a new service.

3. In the pop-up, please select "MYOB AccountRight Live" from the drop-down and then click "Continue to link your account"

4. On the next pop-up please select "authenticate"

5. From here you will be redirected to the MYOB sign in page. Please sign in

6. You will be directed back to the ProPartner Portal asking you to select which business you would like to send receipts to.

7. Then put in these company file credentials.  User ID: "Administrator"; Password: [blank].

If your company file has its own password or the system throws up an error at this point, please read this article


8. Finally, select whether you would like export your receipts as Purchases/bills, Spend Money or Journal, and whether you would like to manually or automatically export. Don't forget to hit "Save and finish".

To learn how to export from the Pending Receipts page, please view https://support.squirrelstreet.com/support/solutions/articles/24000013981-i-ve-integrated-a-client-account-with-accounting-software-now-how-do-i-export-.  To export your receipts from the All Receipts page instead (where you can assign GL codes to multiple receipts at a time) please view this link